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Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO Liability Claims 

Vacation rental apps are sweeping the nation, attracting all walks of life with gorgeous locations, cheap prices, and convenient reservation processes. Three of the most popular rental sites are Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO. While these websites offer extraordinary travel and accommodation opportunities, they might not always be the safest option for vacationers. Since the debut of these types of apps, users have reported accidents, injuries, and assaults while staying in rentals. If you recently had a similar experience with one of these websites or a similar system, The Law Office of Arash Khorsandi can help.

Property Owner Responsibilities

When you secure a rental on Airbnb, HomeAway, or VRBO, you assume the property is safe for occupants. As a paying guest of the property, you have every right to expect reasonably safe premises. If a property owner or landlord failed to repair a known hazard like a faulty staircase, resulting in occupant injury, the victim may have a premises liability case. If the person knew or reasonably should have known about the hazard and failed to repair it, he or she is guilty of negligence. Property owners must also check for unknown injuries and warn guests of known hazards, such as the danger of diving into a shallow pool.

After sustaining an injury while on a rental property, take photos of the object, obstacle, or property condition that caused your accident. This might be loose carpeting, exposed electrical wires, leaking water pipes, loose shelving, or a ditch in the yard. Seek medical attention for your injuries as soon as possible, and keep copies of all your medical records and expenses. Contact the property owner and explain what happened. If you need to, contact an attorney and discuss the possibility of a premises liability claim against the landlord or property owner.

Rental Insurance Policies

Before someone lists a property on Airbnb, HomeAway, or VRBO, they should purchase special vacation rental insurance coverage. All three sites urge rental owners to carry insurance that covers rental activities or business activities. Typical homeowners’ insurance will often not cover guest injuries, since the guest was not a resident at the time of the accident. HomeAway and VRBO offer insurance products right on their sites. Airbnb offers a Host Guarantee plan, but states that this should not replace homeowners/renters’ insurance.

When you stay at a vacation rental you booked through one of these sites, there is no guarantee that the property is safe. There is always the chance that the property owner is negligent and that the property has hazards. The property owner may also not have the proper insurance to cover guest damages. These issues make cases involving an Airbnb, HomeAway, or VRBO rental complex. You may need professional help identifying the defendant and pursuing compensation for your injuries and related expenses.

Proving Liability

If you believe you have a case against a property owner or landlord, check to see if you have the elements necessary to bring a claim. First, that it was the landlord’s duty to maintain the area of the property where your accident occurred. Second, that the landlord failed to reasonably prevent the accident (i.e., the landlord could have fixed the problem or given adequate warnings). Third, your injury resulted from the landlord failing to fix the problem. Fourth, that you suffered real damages because of the incident.

These four elements make up the basic necessities to have a strong claim against someone for your Airbnb/HomeAway/VRBO injury. When in doubt after a vacation rental accident, talk to an attorney at The Law Office of Arash Khorsandi. Don’t let a negligent or reckless landlord get away with causing or contributing to your serious injury. Call (888) 488-1391 or contact us online for a free consultation.