Los Angeles Amputation Attorney

Traumatic amputation, whether it’s the loss of a fingertip or an entire limb, is a life-changing event for the victim. Even if it’s possible to reattach the body part, the victim will have to undergo surgery and physical therapy. The part may never work quite the same. If doctors cannot reattach the body part, the person must live without a finger, toe, arm, or leg for the rest of his or her life. Amputation as a result of an accident or injury deserves attention from aggressive attorneys in LA. It is a catastrophic injury that the lawyers at The Law Office of Arash Khorsandi wish to discuss with victims and their families.

What Can Cause Traumatic Amputations?

It is frightening to think that something as traumatic as the loss of a body part could occur in an everyday setting like your vehicle, home, or workplace. Yet this is the reality. Most traumatic amputation incidents occur in car accidents, factories, and farms. Heavy machinery and power tools can lead to accidental loss of limbs in a matter of seconds. Explosions can also result in amputations. Protective gear, machinery guards, and proper care while driving can help prevent these accidents. Unfortunately, someone else’s negligence can result in a traumatic amputation that permanently affects the victim’s life. Amputations have many consequences, including:

  • Complications such as bleeding, infection, and shock
  • Crushed or badly mangled body parts
  • Severe pain
  • “Phantom limb,” or the feeling that the limb is still attached
  • Lifelong disability
  • Surgeries for reattachment
  • Years of physical therapy

Traumatic amputation is an extremely serious injury that typically has permanent ramifications. The victim may have to pay for long hospital stays, multiple surgeries, and physical rehabilitation. He or she may also have to go to therapy for emotional stress from the traumatic incident. Victims may not be able to return to their previous jobs due to disability, and suffer loss of income.

If you or someone you love is facing all of these damages or others due to amputation from an accident, come to The Law Office of Arash Khorsandi for legal counsel.

Amputation Liability

At The Law Office of Arash Khorsandi, we have experience handling complex amputation cases, such as those involving more than one factor and defendant. We can speak with large insurance companies and help you fight for fair and just recovery for your catastrophic injury. This is a very emotionally disturbing type of wound – it deserves hard-hitting legal representation that can show a judge or jury the extent of your intangible damages. Our team can go up against employers, product manufacturers, and other parties that may be liable for your amputation.

The first step in fighting for compensation for an amputation is to identify the cause of your injury. If a defective firework exploded and took off a finger, for example, the manufacturer of the firework may be to blame. Identify potential defendants and file a claim against them. An attorney can help you with this process, as it involves important deadlines and filing requirements. In California, you have two years from the date of your amputation to file a personal injury claim.

A single act of negligence can result in a lifelong disability. Amputations can result in chronic pain and permanent disfigurement. At The Law Office of Arash Khorsandi, we don’t want those responsible for traumatic amputations to go without consequence. We want to help amputees fight for justice. It is up to you to protect your rights and pursue recovery through the civil court system of California. It may be the only way to receive the money your serious injuries demand. An insurance claim often will not result in a fair award for an amputation event. Trust our team to help you negotiate with insurers and file a claim if necessary. Call (888) 488-1391 or go to our contact page today.