Personal Injury

Personal Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles

Personal injuries are almost always unexpected. All it takes to suffer a personal injury is a slippery floor, an untrained dog, or an uneven sidewalk. Personal injuries can inflict pain and suffering and lead to lost wages and unwanted stress. Seeking the assistance of a qualified personal injury lawyer can make the recovery process simple.

If you or your loved one has suffered a personal injury as the result of someone’s negligence, contact The Law Offices of Arash Khorsandi. We offer free consultations to the victims of personal injury. Call us at at 877-702-7274 or send us an email using our case evaluation form. Our client service is top-notch and we guarantee no upfront or out-of-pocket charges. And if we do not win your case, we will not charge you any attorneys fees. You have been through enough; we’ll handle the details of your case.

We Offer Legal Guidance

It can be confusing dealing with a personal injury, but our attorneys can guide you. The Law Offices of Arash Khorsandi provides unparalleled levels of client service so you can focus on healing from your injury. We’ll handle the paperwork and help you find caring doctors. We will fight to ensure you received compensation for the pain and suffering caused by your injury.

For more information on common types of personal injuries, follow the links below.

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