Why Should You Get a Lawyer?

In terms of personal injuries, the accident alone is just the beginning of your problems. In fact, the aftermath is very tedious and can be overwhelming to some. This article can hopefully help explain why you need a lawyer.

Get Max Settlement

it is very important to receive the max settlement for your case. Insurance companies tend to not pay up as much as they should, leaving you with little to nothing for your damages. If you received medical treatment, you know how quickly the costs add up. Yet insurance companies always try to settle your case quickly, often not allowing you to fully recover. Our professional team of attorneys is always ready to negotiate with the insurance companies to get  you the maximum compensation possible.

Best Jury Verdicts

In some cases a trial is necessary. In order to be successful in it, great representation is needed. An experienced lawyer can really help assess your case and provide great outcomes through the best legal strategies.

No Out of Pocket Expenses

You will never have to pay a single dollar directly from your pocket. We will charge the insurance companies for our services and in the event that your case is not won we will not charge you anything. If you don’t have access to the adequate medical care, we can also refer you to a doctor close to you with no upfront costs. Everything will be paid for with the amount that we are able to recover from the insurance companies. You have absolutely nothing to lose when hiring our services.

Experienced in Handling Other Parties

Other parties, meaning the insurance companies and their lawyers. Insurances have their own tactics that they’ll use to pressure accident victims into settling for the lowest amount. Our lawyers are experienced in their tactics and are not confused by them. Once you hire us you will never have to deal with the anything other than your medical recovery, which is the most important thing.

Taking the Stress Off Your Hands

Sometimes it can be frustrating and overwhelming when having to deal with all the paperwork of the medical carriers, insurance companies, and other legal matters. On top of that your everyday life does not stop simply because you had an accident. The frustration usually also comes with a loss of focus, and objectivity. However having a lawyer by your side can make all the difference. We will not only take care of your paperwork but keep you up to date with your case and advise you in regards to the best legal course of action.

You are in Control

Once you hire us, you are the one who makes all the decisions. We work for you! It is important for our firm to deliver exceptional customer service which is why we have someone available to help you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. While our team is in charge with communicating with the insurance companies on your behalf, all the decisions will ultimately be yours.

When to Hire an Attorney?

Hopefully the questions you are asking now is not why you need a lawyer? But, When to hire a lawyer? The sooner the better, talking to an insurance company, signing anything, or simply waiting can be troublesome for your case. The more you wait the more money it could cost you! Call Us Now For  a Free Consultation and Evaluation of Your Case!

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Wonderful staff,very friendly and helpful! They are honestly the best attorneys I have ever worked with!! I would highly recommend. My case manager was beyond amazing, I couldn’t thank him enough.


Great team, very professional. I was pretty beat up after my accident, I had to focus on my recovery and had to rely that Arash and his team would take care of the case and they did.


I highly recommend this personal injury law firm to represent your case if you have been in an accident! Arash and his team were professional and very supportive to me during the entire process. If you need a Champion lawyer and team, choose Arash Khorsandi and his team. You need someone assertive, proactive, and experienced to handle this kind of personal life experience!


Arash Law is really at good as it gets! Him and his team are passionate at what they do and are great at what they do. They know their stuff which makes a difference in you getting a better settlement. But, if they don’t get the settlement (as in my case) they will fight in court! That is what you need when it comes to an attorney! Thank you!


I was involved in a pretty bad accident but I’m thankful I had Arash and his team to help me out with my case. They kept me updated throughout
the case and at the end we got a good settlement!

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