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Defective Products Attorney in California

Californians buy a lot of things. We buy groceries, hardware, transportation, electronics, recreational gear, and pretty much everything else on Earth. We also assume that everything we buy is safe to eat, use, drive, or operate. Until something goes horribly wrong or a product recall is announced, we typically don’t consider product safety at all. California product liability law is designed to protect consumers from defective products. It also allows for legal recourse should someone become injured after using a faulty product. However, product liability law is incredibly complicated.

It’s important to contact a product liability attorney if you or your loved one has suffered an injury as the result of a defective product. The makers of defective products often have large sums of money at their disposal to hire armies of defense attorneys. Pursuing a defective product lawsuit is time-consuming, difficult, and requires legal expertise. The Law Offices of Arash Khorsandi has the patience and tenacity to pursue your product liability case. We provide unparalleled client service; we will take the time ensure you are always up to date on your case. Submit our case evaluation form or call us today at 877-702-7274 for a free consultation.

Product Recall attorneys in California

Injuries Can Vary

Dangerous products can cause many different types of injuries. Not only physical injuries, but also financial injuries and even emotional injuries can result from a defective product. Product liability injuries can range from minor to fatal. Some examples of recent defective products include:

  • Johnson & Johnson’s numerous product recalls and jury verdicts for talc products, Risperdal, and shampoo.
  • Hoverboards catching fire and causing property damage
  • Volkswagen owners suffered financial injuries from reduced car values after the emissions scandal.
  • Outbreaks of e.coli, salmonella, and listeria causing hospitalizations and death.
  • Takata airbags exploding in a crash, sending shrapnel throughout vehicles.
  • General Motors faulty ignition switches are blamed in the deaths of over 100 victims.

What Defects Can Occur?

Product defects happen in one of three phases of the manufacturing process.

  • Design Defects (before the product is made)
  • Manufacturing Defects (when the product is made)
  • False Marketing (after the product is made)

Products that are defective due to any of these errors in manufacturing can cause serious harm. For example:

    • A design flaw in drop-side cribs allowing that entrapped children caused the death of at least 32 infants.
    • Rear-mounted gas tanks caused numerous vehicles, notably Jeep vehicle, to explode in rear-end collisions.
    • Asbestos causes mesothelioma.
    • Manufacturing flaws in food production often force recalls of certain product lots.
    • The Ford/Firestone rollover epidemic in the 90s after the tire tread separated from the steel belts of wheels.
    • False marketing regularly affects pharmaceutical drug makers attempting to sell products off-label, causing unnecessary side effects.
    • Ticketmaster charging for things like ‘processing fees’, which went straight to the company’s coffers.

Pursuing Your Defective Product Claim

If you’ve been harmed by a defective product contact The Law Offices of Arash Khorsandi for a free consultation. Call us now at 877-702-7274 or submit our case evaluation form. Pursuing product liability claims on your own is difficult and stressful. Having a partner with your best interests at heart can make all the difference.

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