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Car Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles and California

Car accident injuries occur far too frequently. Hundreds of thousands of victims are injured in car collisions in California each year. In the United States, a car accident injury occurs every six seconds. Any one of these injuries could be life changing. Knowing who to turn to after an accident can make a huge difference in your physical and financial recovery. The Law Offices of Arash Khorsandi is committed to helping the victims of car accidents recover from their injuries and obtain financial compensation.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a car crash, send us an email or call car accident attorney Arash Khorsandi now at 877-702-7274 for a free consultation and case evaluation. Our dedication and the level of service we provide to our clients is unrivaled. We take the stress and anxiety out of seeking financial compensation for your injuries.

Car accident lawyers in Los Angeles

What to do After a Car Accident

Car crashes are scary. Knowing what to do in the event of an accident can help victims keep a calm state of mind.

  • Take a deep breath – It’s best to remain calm and focused.
  • DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES LEAVE THE SCENE – This is very important. Hit-and-run drivers face serious criminal charges, especially if the accident resulted in an injury.
  • Assess the situation – If the accident was minor, move your vehicle to a safe location. If anyone is injured, seek medical attention. Be sure not to move anyone whom is experiencing back or neck pain unless their is immediate danger.
  • Contact the police – Unless the accident is very minor with no injuries, call the police. If possible, obtain a police report of the collision at the scene.
  • Exchange information – Collect the contact information and insurance information from everyone involved in the incident.
  • Identify witnesses – Ask for the contact information of anyone whom may have seen the crash. Learn what they saw.
  • Collect evidence – If possible, take pictures of the accident scene. Also take pictures of all of your injuries and property damage.
  • Contact a qualified car accident lawyer – Attorneys such as Arash Khorsandi help the victims of car accidents seek the compensation necessary to pay medical bills, obtain car repairs, and get on with life.
  • Negligence in Car Accidents

    Negligent drivers cause car crashes. The victims of these negligent drivers are within their rights to seek financial compensation for their losses from the driver’s insurance company. Anyone harmed in the crash, including other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians can seek compensation. Common behaviors of driver negligence that can lead to car accidents include:

    • Speeding – Driving too fast makes reacting to obstacles on the road much more difficult and can lead to serious injuries in a crash.
    • Distracted Driving – Texting while driving, talking on the phone, blasting loud music, and curling one’s hair are just some examples.
    • Moving Violations – People who run stop signs, run red lights, make unsafe lane changes, crossing double yellow lines (especially from the car pool lane) or not yielding are often the cause of car crashes.
    • Driving Under the Influence – Drunk driving kills.

    Why You Need a Lawyer

    Pursuing car accident claims on your own can be time consuming and stressful. Insurance companies will often attempt to settle your claim for much less than you deserve. Having the experienced car accident attorneys of The Law Offices of Arash Khorsandi on your side can make a huge difference. We’ll worry about your claim so you don’t have to. Signing with our law firm carries no risks: if we don’t win your case you won’t owe us any fees.

    Contact us today for a free consultation. Send us an email or call us at 877-702-7274 to speak with a car accident expert. We will walk you through the legal process so you can rest assured that your car accident case is in good hands.

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