Birth Injury

Birth Injury Attorneys in California

The joy of becoming a parent can quickly turn to other emotions after the discovery that your child has suffered from a birth injury. Discovery that someone’s negligence is responsible for injuries that your child has sustained is an unfortunate and preventable situation. In the aftermath of a birth injury, parents need to know where to turn.

After discussing potential care options with your child’s doctors, contact a California birth injury attorney. The Law Offices of Arash Khorsandi can help families determine the best course of legal action and personalized service. Our birth injury lawyers will do everything they can do help your family pursue compensation for the lifetime care of your child. Call us now at 877-702-7274 to speak with an attorney today.

Birth injury attorneys in California

Basics of Birth Injury Cases

There are many different conditions that arise as the result of birth injuries. Depending on the severity of your child’s injuries, he or she may face disabilities that last months, years, or even for the rest of his or her life. Our attorneys’ goal is to explore your case and determine whether these injuries were caused by someone’s negligence.

If it is discovered that another person was reckless or careless in regards to the medical care of your child, your family may be eligible to receive compensation. California birth injury attorney Arash Khorsandi can help your family seek that compensation. After a birth injury, the physical, emotional, and financial burdens faced by the family can be tremendous. Our goal is to help your family fight for the maximum compensation possible and to protect your legal rights for the duration of the case.

Who is Held Responsible?

Birth injury cases are often complicated, requiring the help of a qualified California lawyer. Many parties and reasons could potentially be at fault in a birth injury.

  • Physician or nursing negligence
  • Defective medical devices
  • Dangerous medication
  • Medical staff negligence
  • Medical malpractice

The goal of The Law Offices of Arash Khorsandi is to explore all possible legal avenues to hold the negligent parties liable for the injuries to your child. Nothing can undo the damage that was done, but a birth injury lawsuit could help your family pay for the medical care your child needs.

Common Birth Injuries

Some of the most common cases that lead to personal injury lawsuits include:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Erb’s palsy
  • Chemical birth defects
  • Brain injuries
  • Paraplegia
  • Labor and delivery issues
  • Mental retardation
  • Microcephaly
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Shoulder dystocia

California Birth Injury Lawyers

It’s shocking to discover that your child has suffered from preventable injuries that could impact him or her throughout life. Seeking legal help from The Law Offices of Arash Khorsandi could provide the financial resources needed to provide for a successful future. Contact us today at 877-702-7274 for a free consultation with an attorney.

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