Responsibility, Liability and Compensation

Who is responsible for compensation in a dog bite injury case? What if my best friend’s dog bit me or my child, and have sustained injuries as a result? These are just a few questions victims think about before they choose to get an attorney. At our office, we understand the needs and complications of an accident, and understand that we don’t want to harm dog owners and friends in the process.

pit bull in muzzle Responsibility, Liability and Compensation

To be clear, dog owners are always responsible for making sure that their dogs are not a threat to public safety and are either leashed or fenced in to prevent any unforeseeable accidents. Owners are always liable. The other part to this is compensation. Victims of bite injuries have the right to compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of earning, lifestyle changes as well as future incurring medical costs. Our experienced attorneys can help calculate and identify such future medical expenses.

Our attorney’s handle personal injury cases on a contingent fee basis, meaning that we don’t get paid until we recover money for you. You do not pay us in advance and we ONLY get paid if we are successful in recovering money for you.

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arash Responsibility, Liability and Compensation

Arash Khorsandi

The Law Firm is led by one of California’s best Accidents and Injuries Attorneys, Arash Khorsandi, Esq. Arash has a background in Business Finance from USC, as well as being a top legal mind in his field. By mastering the concepts of finance and economics, Arash is able to apply the economics and monetary aspects of an Injury case directly to the legal rights of his clients. When Arash is not in the legal court room, you can find him on the local basketball court or racquetball courts instead.
arash Responsibility, Liability and Compensation

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