Homeowner’s Liability: Are You Responsible for a Slippery Driveway?

slippery driveway1 Homeowners Liability: Are You Responsible for a Slippery Driveway?Premises liability law mandates that homeowners and store owners take reasonable care of their buildings and dwellings so that no one is injured. It is clear to most people that stores have to warn of slippery conditions- after all, if you go into a grocery store or other public place, you will almost always see a yellow sign warning when the floor is wet. But, what about homeowners? Do they have the same responsibility to warn their guests if they have a slippery driveway?

Premises Liability for Home Owners

Homeowners are liable if they were negligent in maintaining their property or of warning about dangers on their property, and if that negligence led to an injury. This means that a homeowner who has slippery conditions on his driveway from rain, snow or simply because his driveway is in disrepair, can be found liable.

A homeowner, under premises liability law, generally must make his premises safe from known dangers or hazards, as well as from hazards he should have known about. If he can’t make the premises safe, he has to at least warn of any dangers that exist.

Negligence by Failure to Make Your Home Safe

If a homeowner fails to make his home safe, the victim of an accident at home can cause visitors to sue in court. When this occurs, if the jury finds the homeowner was indeed negligent and did not meet his duty of care, then the jury can hold the homeowner liable for damages.

Damages from an injury at home include medical bills arising from the injury, lost wages, pain and suffering and other related damage. While liability protection in homeowner’s insurance usually kicks in to defend the homeowner and pay costs for litigation and damages up to the policy limits, this can cause insurance rates to rise… as such, homeowners would do well to be careful and make sure their driveways are well maintained and not overly slippery in wet weather.

How A Lawyer Can Help

If you have fallen on a slippery driveway and been injured (slip and fall injury), you should consider contacting a personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer can help you to determine if you can sue the homeowner for your injuries under premises liability and can help you build a case to recover the damages you deserve for your injuries.

arash Homeowners Liability: Are You Responsible for a Slippery Driveway?

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arash Homeowners Liability: Are You Responsible for a Slippery Driveway?

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