Dog Bites and The Resulting Lawsuits

Next week is National Dog Bite Prevention Week, May 16-22. This program is created to educate dog owners and help prevent dogs from attacking people and causing injuries. Dog bites can lead to massive lawsuits and also a quarantine of the dog who bit the victim. There have been many incidents where an owner of… Read More>>

Former Supermodel Injured in Car Crash

Former supermodel Beverly Peele was severely injured in a car accident on Monday May 10, 2010. She is currently in very serious condition at the UCLA Medical Center. No details of the car crash are currently available, and the Los Angeles Police Department is not sure what caused the car crash. In situations like these,… Read More>>

Suzuki Car Accident in Orange County

Trial is underway for the wrongful death claim against Suzuki which took place in Orange County, California. Attorneys filed suit last week due to a product liability and personal injury claim against the car manufacturer. The lawsuit alleges that the 2003 Suzuki Grand Vitara manufactured and sold by the defendants failed to properly protect Andrea… Read More>>

Tips for Car and Truck Accident Victims

Being involved in a car, bike, truck, pedestrian or any other accident is always stressful. It is always important to remember some good pointers to keep you calm and organized. 1.  Stay Calm:  After being hit in a car accident, it is very normal to be flustered and nervous from the shock and pain of… Read More>>