Head Trauma as it Relates to Car Injuries

The head is one of the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of the body, its ability to function properly critical to our well being. That being said, the importance of a healthy brain is often overlooked and forgotten about, its health tossed aside as individuals focus on other aspects of their well being. The brain… Read More>>

What Exactly is Brain Injury?

Most people think that someone who has a brain injury is also permanently disabled and cant do much.  Well this simply is not the case. Many forms of brain injuries are actually not noticeable to the lay person. Of course we are not talking about a significant or serious brain injury, but we are talking… Read More>>

Common Injuries After a Car Crash

While each car crash is different and each person may suffer from different accident injuries, there are several common injuries after an accident o be aware of. Some of these injuries may not show up immediately after the crash, so it is vital to ensure you have been thoroughly examined by a medical doctor and that you… Read More>>

Suzuki Car Accident in Orange County

Trial is underway for the wrongful death claim against Suzuki which took place in Orange County, California. Attorneys filed suit last week due to a product liability and personal injury claim against the car manufacturer. The lawsuit alleges that the 2003 Suzuki Grand Vitara manufactured and sold by the defendants failed to properly protect Andrea… Read More>>