Firefighter Killed in California Motorcycle Accident

Firefighter Andrew Maloney died in a Modesto, California hospital after being involved in a tragic California motorcycle accident. The driver of the car that hit Maloney was reportedly using a cell phone and under the influence of marijuana and alcohol. According to the California Highway Patrol, Maloney, 29, was driving his 2011 Suzuki motorcycle southbound… Read More>>

A Ten Vehicle Car and Motorcycle Accident Kills 3

Nine cars and one motorcycle were involved in a multi-vehicle accident at the intersection of Riverside and West Coast Highway in Newport Beach, California, said Ralph Restadius, deputy chief for the Newport Beach Fire Department. This car accident/motorcycle accident left two cars on their sides with people trapped inside. According to Newport Beach police Lt.… Read More>>

Motorcycle Accident Meets Truck Accident

There were reports of a dangerous motorcycle accident in Manhattan Beach, California recently. A motorcyclist was seriously injured after he and his bike slid under a flatbed truck. The motorcyclist, a 39-year-old man, had just turned left and slid under the truck as the vehicle was making a left turn.  The truck’s rear wheels rolled… Read More>>