Car Accident Statistics: The Deadly T-Bone Crash

According to a 2009 study conducted by the University of Michigan, T-bone accidents (side-impact crashes) account for 13% of all car accidents and 18% of all fatal car accidents. While front-impact car accidents have been the focus of car safety, auto engineers are now turning their attention to side-impact collisions, which can result in brain… Read More>>

A Ten Vehicle Car and Motorcycle Accident Kills 3

Nine cars and one motorcycle were involved in a multi-vehicle accident at the intersection of Riverside and West Coast Highway in Newport Beach, California, said Ralph Restadius, deputy chief for the Newport Beach Fire Department. This car accident/motorcycle accident left two cars on their sides with people trapped inside. According to Newport Beach police Lt.… Read More>>

Common Injuries After a Car Crash

While each car crash is different and each person may suffer from different accident injuries, there are several common injuries after an accident¬†o be aware of. Some of these¬†injuries may not show up immediately after the crash, so it is vital to ensure you have been thoroughly examined by a medical doctor and that you… Read More>>