Suzuki Car Accident in Orange County

rollover accident lawyer Suzuki Car Accident in Orange County

Trial is underway for the wrongful death claim against Suzuki which took place in Orange County, California. Attorneys filed suit last week due to a product liability and personal injury claim against the car manufacturer. The lawsuit alleges that the 2003 Suzuki Grand Vitara manufactured and sold by the defendants failed to properly protect Andrea Bardonner during a rollover crash that caused her ejection from the vehicle, leading to catastrophic injury and ultimately, her death.

Since Andrea is now deceased, her husband and children have brought the wrongful death claim on her behalf. Andrea’s children were also in the car during the accident. They were seriously injured and are also bringing suit for personal injury on their own behalf.

The lawsuit seeks economic damages for wrongful death, personal injury, pain and suffering, medical expenses, and loss of past and future earnings and earning capacity, as well as loss of consortium on behalf of Andrea’s husband and her children. The lawsuit also added the seatbelt manufacturer as a defendant.

arash Suzuki Car Accident in Orange County

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arash Suzuki Car Accident in Orange County

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