Should You Settle Your Dog Bite Injury Case?

dog bites lawyer Should You Settle Your Dog Bite Injury Case?California law provides extensive protection to those who are victims of a dog bite. Strict liability applies under California Civil Code section 3342, which means that the dog owner did not have to be negligent and the dog did not have to be vicious or have a history of biting in order for you to recover a settlement.

Settling a Dog Bite Injury Case

Most often, a dog’s owner will turn to their homeowners insurance policy when his dog bites someone. Dog attack cases account for approximately 1/3 of insurance claims, with an estimated annual cost of $356 million dollars as of 2007. This means you will often be dealing with an insurance company.

Insurance companies will often offer to settle your damages instead of having the case go to trial and having a jury decide the damages to which you are entitled. Once you accept the settlement offered by an insurance company, you are no longer entitled to sue or recover additional damages. Therefore, you need to think carefully before deciding whether to settle your case or whether you want to go to court.

Getting Help From A Lawyer Los Angeles

An experienced personal injury attorney who has handled dog bite cases can be an important source of information on whether a settlement is appropriate and on what your chances for recovery are if you take your case to a jury. Before agreeing to any settlement, you should consult with a professional who can help you weigh your options and ensure you are fairly compensated.

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arash Should You Settle Your Dog Bite Injury Case?

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arash Should You Settle Your Dog Bite Injury Case?

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