Citizens Support Sacramento, California Dog Bite Victim

dog bites lawyer Citizens Support Sacramento, California Dog Bite Victim“People think, ‘My dog’s different.’ But it just takes one bite.” Those are words of wisdom from Poppy Watson, a Sacramento, California dog bite victim who lost a good chunk of her face to a pit bull.

Watson was visiting a friend’s house the night after Thanksgiving in 2010, when she was the victim of a brutal dog bite by her friend’s pit bull. “He was very well kept, super sweet, a big baby,” recalled Watson.

Dog Bite Injuries

She scratched the dog behind his ears and pulled its hoodie sweater over his head, and it appeared that dog was enjoying it, but then, she said, something “clicked” and the dog attacked her. “I put my hands up to my face,” Watson remembers, “and I felt his teeth still attached.” The pit bull tore off a third of her nose and ripped open her cheek.

More than a month later after the savage dog bite, Watson underwent two major reconstructive surgeries to repair her face. She had a “forehead flap,” which involves using skin from the head to rebuild the nose. This procedure wasn’t covered by Watson’s health insurance.

Dog Bite Statistics

Watson’s horrific experience is one of two high-profile Sacramento pit bull attacks in many months. On December 21, 2010, a pit bull attacked a carriage horse in Old Sacramento. The horse recovered, but the dog was killed by Sacramento police. The pit bull that mauled Watson was quarantined for 10 days, but then put to sleep.

The 34-year-old Watson, a sales representative for Wine Warehouse, had been a fixture of city restaurants since she was 19. On January 21st, local restaurants, bars owners and musicians held a charity event, Popfest, to raise funds for Watson’s surgery costs. She estimates that she will undergo at least five more surgeries in the coming year.

How to Find the Best California Dog Bite Attorney Los Angeles

While it is commendable that local businesses have offered to help Watson with her medical bills, she would be well-served to contact a Sacramento dog bite attorney about a dog bite settlement. Dog bite insurance usually falls under homeowner insurance. Before the community helped her, Watson was paying for her dog bite injuries with family credit cards. However, under dog bite laws, Watson shouldn’t be paying one penny.

As Ms. Watson has learned, the hard way, a dog bite can result in scarring, expensive medical bills and complications such as nerve damage. There is also psychological harm that lasts well beyond the physical injury. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a dog bite attack, call our office at 877-702-7274 to speak to a Sacramento dog bite attorney.

arash Citizens Support Sacramento, California Dog Bite Victim

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arash Citizens Support Sacramento, California Dog Bite Victim

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