3 Dirty Tricks Used by Car Insurance Companies

deny defend insurance court attorney 3 Dirty Tricks Used by Car Insurance CompaniesHave you heard of the three D’s? Delay, Deny, and Defend. These are 3 dirty tricks used by the car insurance industry to avoid paying people injured in car accidents. In fact, insurance companies save billions of dollars using these tactics. The story usually goes like this…

You are driving a street when a truck comes out of nowhere and hits your car. The damage to your car is a big dent in the passenger door. Maybe you have a cut above your eye and an ache in your back. The doctor says your spine was injured, you have muscle tears, and the pain in your neck is probably whiplash.

Automobile Accident Aftermath

You’ll need physical therapy and time off work to heal. It’s going to cost you $15,000 in hospital bills and $10,000 in lost work, because you took so much time off from your job. So you send the $25,000 bill to the insurance company (of the person who hit you), but the insurance company says it’s only going to pay you $15,000.

You can take it or leave it. What do you do?

CNN reports that 10 of the top 12 auto insurance companies are using three D’s to save money: delay handling your claim, deny you were hurt and defend their decision in court.  Insurance companies are betting and hoping that you will take their low ball offer and walk away. In fact that’s exactly what CNN found in training manuals obtained from the Allstate Insurance Company that said to force “smaller walk-away settlements.”

Don’t Settle, Call a Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles

One former claims adjuster for Allstate told CNN that she would offer as little as $50 dollars to some victims, who would take it, fearing that if they didn’t, they’d get nothing. In fact, accident victims have been walking away from billions of dollars that insurers got to keep.

The truth is that you don’t have to settle for a low ball claim or be intimidated by a big insurance company. We have personal injury attorneys who specialize in fighting car insurance companies. Please call our office at 1-877-702-7274 for a FREE consultation with a personal injury lawyer.

arash 3 Dirty Tricks Used by Car Insurance Companies

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arash 3 Dirty Tricks Used by Car Insurance Companies

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