Bizarre Dog Bite: Homeowner Commands Pit Bull to Attack Teen

dog bite attorney los angeles Bizarre Dog Bite: Homeowner Commands Pit Bull to Attack TeenTwo men are expected to make initial court appearances this week for their alleged roles in using a pit bull to attack a teen boy.

The shocking dog incident occurred in Osceola, Wisconsin and was reported by

Lt. Cameron McGee said  EMS was called to a residence at 11:19 p.m. because an 18-year-old man had suffered multiple dog bites.

Lt. McGee added: “During our investigation we learned that the 58-year-old homeowner had accused the 18-year-old of theft and commanded his pit bull to attack the kid as a means of interrogation. After more discussion, the man called the dog to attack the kid a second time while the victim’s father watched.”

McGee said the 18-year-old was then bound around the ankles, dragged outside and hung upside down from the porch rafters: “The dog again was commanded to attack the kid.”

Lt. McGee added that the boy’s father may have participated in the “interrogation.”

Fortunately, a third party arrived at the residence and called 911. The 18-year-old was transported to St. Agnes Hospital and treated for bite wounds all over his body.

Charges of false imprisonment, party to a crime of negligent handling of a dangerous weapon, aggravated battery and bail-jumping are being referred to the Fond du Lac County District Attorney’s Office.

The boy’s father is expected to face similar charges, along with failing to aid the victim in reporting a crime.

In his years as a law enforcement officer, Lt. McGee said he could not remember a similar case: “It’s kind of scary that something like this would happen and a parent would stand by and do nothing. It’s just shocking.”

Both men will be charged with crimes, but beyond the criminal complaints, the homeowner is liable for the dogs actions and financially responsible for the teen’s medical bills, physical therapy, medical products, time lost from work, lost wages and more.

If you or someone you love has been bitten by someone else’s dog make sure to document the injuries you incurred and consult an experienced attorney to see if you have grounds for a claim. The time you have to file a lawsuit is limited so it’s important that you do this without delay following a dog bite injury.

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arash Bizarre Dog Bite: Homeowner Commands Pit Bull to Attack Teen

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arash Bizarre Dog Bite: Homeowner Commands Pit Bull to Attack Teen

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