Police Leave Bloody Evidence at Pedestrian Accident

Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Attorneys 300x226 Police Leave Bloody Evidence at Pedestrian Accident In Detroit, Michigan, cars drove though puddles of blood at a pedestrian accident scene that was littered with evidence after Detroit police completed an investigation on Tuesday morning.

The pedestrian accident happened when a man who was allegedly jaywalking was hit by a car, reports CBS Detroit.

The man was reportedly hit so hard, his shoes were knocked off and the car’s windshield was completely shattered on the passenger’s side.

He was taken to the hospital with unspecified injuries as Detroit police completed their accident report.

Just over an hour after the pedestrian accident, police removed their cars from the scene and reopened the street to traffic. They left behind, however, an accident scene that seemingly looked untouched.

Residents were appalled as they observed cars driving through puddles of blood left by the victim after he was hit by the car. The victim’s shoes were also left at the scene, one in the street and one in the parking lot.

A resident who said she thought police hadn’t even been on the scene yet, found the victim’s cell phone laying in the street and called one of the man’s relatives to tell them what had happened.

When reached for comment, Detroit Police Sgt. Eren Stephens said she had no information on the incident.

The car’s driver, who called 911 and spoke to police at the scene, said the street lights are out in the area and he didn’t see the man until it was too late.

This was a tragic pedestrian accident and certainly raises question about the Detroit police department.  Hopefully, the pedestrian who was struck so hard by the car has contacted a pedestrian accident attorney who can inform him on his rights.

Even if the pedestrian was jaywalking, the driver of the vehicle could still be held responsible for damages and injuries to the pedestrian.

If you or someone you love has been involved in an auto-pedestrian accident, you should consult an experienced attorney to see if you have grounds for an injury claim.

Feel free to contact our law firm via email at Info@ArashLaw.com or call us at 800-890-7375. One of our lawyers would be happy to assist you with your personal injury case. Note, the law only allows a certain amount of time for you to file an auto-pedestrian incident lawsuit.

arash Police Leave Bloody Evidence at Pedestrian Accident

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arash Police Leave Bloody Evidence at Pedestrian Accident

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