Pedestrian Accident Video: Woman Hits Man With Car, Blames Her Hormones

pedestrian accident lawyer 300x195 Pedestrian Accident Video: Woman Hits Man With Car, Blames Her HormonesSuzanne Gilchrist, a 37-year-old driver from Falkirk, Scotland, was involved in a bizarre pedestrian accident, which was caught on CCTV video (below).

Gilchrist hit Stuart Morris with her car, and continuing to drive while Morris hung onto the roof. Gilchrist was recently sentenced to four years and three months in prison for her part in this pedestrian accident, reports the BBC.

Sheriff Wyllie Robertson told Gilchrist that the video, which was played in court, showed “vividly” how she had put Morris’s life in danger back in June of last year.

Prosecutor Emma White said the pedestrian accidentbegan with Gilchrist, a mother-of-one, trying to get away from the security officer at a shopping center, where she was accused of stealing aftershave.

She drove away as the guard, Lorne Stevenson, tried to open her driver’s door and snatch her keys from the ignition. As Gilchrist sped off, Morris, an  passer-by, was crossing the road and was in her way.

Gilchrist drove towards him and struck him, causing him to jump on to the car hood to avoid being hurt.

She then drove off “at speed” through a series of other short streets, weaving from side to side  and trying to shake Morris off the roof of the car.

The pedestrian accidentcame to an end when Gilchrist was held up by other traffic at lights and had no option other than to come to a halt.

A struggle ensued, police arrived and Gilchrist was arrested.

Morris was taken to hospital on a spinal board, and found to have spinal bruising, and bruising to his legs and fingers. He was given painkillers and discharged.

Gilchrist pleaded guilty to assaulting Morris, failing to stop at intersections at junctions, and trying to throw him from her car to the danger of his life. Her plea of not guilty to stealing a bottle of aftershave was accepted.

Gilchrist’s lawyer Rhona McLeod, said of Gilchrist: “She had thought that she was pregnant and was obviously suffering from some sort of hormonal imbalance, and was on such a knife-edge that she panicked.”

This is a very unusual pedestrian accidentthat could have happened in the U.S.  Hopefully,the pedestrian, Morris, has found himself a strong pedestrian accident attorney in Scotland.

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arash Pedestrian Accident Video: Woman Hits Man With Car, Blames Her Hormones

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arash Pedestrian Accident Video: Woman Hits Man With Car, Blames Her Hormones

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