11-Year-Old Girl Suffers Dog Bite, Undergoes Reconstructive Surgery

Los Angeles Dog Bite Lawyer San Diego 300x232 11 Year Old Girl Suffers Dog Bite, Undergoes Reconstructive SurgeryIn West Palm Beach, Florida, eleven-year-old Jacklyn Tucker’s face is bandaged to protect her recently reconstructed nose and lip, because of a dog bite.

Tucker was at a friend’s house for a sleepover recently on the family’s couch, but she fell off. When the eleven-year-old got up, she saw the family’s dog standing in front of her, growling. She didn’t know what else to do, so she closed her eyes.

Tucker told the Palm Beach Post: “I just kept my eyes closed. I just laid there, and I closed my eyes, hoping the dog would just go away.”

But the dog didn’t go away. Instead, it jumped on Tucker, biting her on her side and face. The damage to her nose and upper lip was so severe that Tucker had to undergo plastic surgery after she was brought to a hospital by Trauma Hawk.

The Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control report said the dog’s owner told the officer he picked Jacklyn’s lips “off the floor to give them to EMS.”

The owner surrendered the dog, a Jack Russell Terrier and English Bulldog mix named ‘Tanker,’ to Animal Care and Control. It is in a 10-day quarantine, after which the animal likely will be euthanized.

Despite the traumatic dog bite, her dad says that Tucker is in good spirits: “She keeps asking for people to come see her every day. She’s doing a lot better.”

Because of the dog bite, Tucker’s father finds himself unable to work as a tow-truck driver and facing a mountain of medical bills: “I got to stay constantly with her. I told her I’ll be here with her the whole time.”

To help with the mounting costs, Tucker’s boss and family friend organized a July 26 fundraiser. Sponsors included the Park Avenue BBQ Grille, Badcock Furniture and the Law Offices of William Abramson.

While it’s kind of local merchants to put on a fundraiser, Tucker and her father desperately need to speak to an expert dog bite lawyer  who could get them compensation for her medical bills and her dad’s missed work, otherwise, they could face financial ruin.

If you or someone you love has been bitten by someone else’s dog make sure to document the injuries you incurred and consult an experienced attorney to see if you have grounds for a claim. The time you have to file a lawsuit is limited so it’s important that you do this without delay following a dog bite injury.

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arash 11 Year Old Girl Suffers Dog Bite, Undergoes Reconstructive Surgery

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arash 11 Year Old Girl Suffers Dog Bite, Undergoes Reconstructive Surgery

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