The Early Show: Dog Bite, What to Do?

dog bite lawyer The Early Show: Dog Bite, What to Do?Recently on CBS-TV “Early Show,” veterinarian Dr. Debbye Turner Bell answered viewers’ questions about their pets. A couple of the questions were about dog bites. One viewer wanted to know why dogs bite people, and Bell said that “more often than not, a dog will bite out of fear, rather than aggression. Dogs that feel threatened, unsure, or challenged will respond by biting as a self-defense mechanism. Dogs are territorial creatures and will protect their turf.  Dogs that are not properly behavior trained and socialized are more likely to bite.”


Bell was also asked what to do if you are the victim of a dog bite and she gave these four guidelines:

1. If the bite is serious, call 911.
2. Wash the bite wound thoroughly with soap and water. If the wound is deep, painful, discolored, or swollen, contact your medical professional.
3. If possible, confirm the dog’s rabies vaccination status.
4. Report the bite to your local authorities and veterinarian.

We agree, but we’d also like to add a 5th piece of advice: contact an attorney.

Consult with Dog Bite Lawyers in Los Angeles

A dog attack is a traumatic event that can often result in a bad injury. According to statistics, multiple deaths occur each year because of the most vicious attacks. Also, a bite can mean permanent scarring, nerve damage and infection. Beyond the physical injury, there is also the psychological trauma of being attacked by an animal. Remember, the owner of the dog is responsible for their pet’s actions.

The California Dog Bite Law (Civil Code 3342) imposes liability on dog owners if their pet bites someone. This means that you can hold the dog owner responsible and you can sue the individual who owns the dog that bit you.  Regardless of whether the dog was known to be dangerous or had ever bitten anyone before, the owner is legally responsible and must pay your damages.

At the Law Office of Arash Khorsandi, we take dog bite injury cases throughout California including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Orange County. We take these cases on a contigency basis, which means you do not have to pay us. We get paid only if you get paid. If you’ve been bitten by a dog or another animal, please call our office at 1-877-702-7274 or email us at for a FREE consultation with our experienced team.

arash The Early Show: Dog Bite, What to Do?

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arash The Early Show: Dog Bite, What to Do?

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