Car Accident Injures Miami Hurricanes Offensive Tackle Seantrel Henderson

los angeles car accident lawyer attorneys Car Accident Injures Miami Hurricanes Offensive Tackle Seantrel Henderson University of Miami Hurricanes offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson was supposed to return full-time to practice soon, but there were reports on Thursday that Henderson suffered a concussion in a car accident.

The car accidenthappened last week in Miami before Henderson went home to Minnesota to attend the funeral of a close friend, a source at the University of Miami confirmed to the Miami Herald on Thursday.

Henderson was reportedly cited for three infractions by the Florida Highway Patrol during a car accident that took place on Aug. 1.

According to public records, the infractions included driving with an expired driver’s license, disobeying a traffic sign; and driving without a license unknowingly. Henderson has been fined a total of $484.

It’s unknown, at this time, if there were any other people injured or involved in the car accident.

Henderson returned to the team, on Sunday night, from Minnesota and did some conditioning drills Monday and Tuesday at Greentree Practice Field, but he hasn’t been on the field for practice since.

Henderson’s father told USA Today  that besides his friend’s death and thecar accident, an aunt on  Henderson mother’s side recently passed away from cancer.

Sean Henderson said: “He’s probably going to miss some more practice because of the injury. I think he’s strong enough to get through all of this. He’s done some kid stuff, but he’s maturing. I believe he’s understanding his role as a junior to be a leader on the team. His grades are good, his back is fine. I think he’s in the best shape of his life right now.”

Hopefully, Henderson will continue to seek medical care and not return to the field too soon.

We don’t know if there were any other people involved in this car accident, but from the infractions, it would appear that Henderson may be at fault. If there are other people involved, hopefully they have contacted an expert car accident lawyer.

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arash Car Accident Injures Miami Hurricanes Offensive Tackle Seantrel Henderson

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arash Car Accident Injures Miami Hurricanes Offensive Tackle Seantrel Henderson

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