Study: Car Crash Technology Can Reduce Car Accident Damages

los angeles california car accident attorney 300x227 Study: Car Crash Technology Can Reduce Car Accident DamagesA study released, on Tuesday, by the Highway Loss Data Institute, a non-profit research group supported by the insurance industry, examined the effectiveness of car crash avoidance technologies.

The study said “forward collision avoidance systems” are effective, as they alert drivers when they are quickly gaining on objects in their path and may crash.

Car models available with this feature include the Mercedes-Benz CL Class sedan, the Volvo XC60 and the Acura MDX SUVs.

The Highway Loss Data Institute found that property damage liability claims were 14% lower for models from Acura and Mercedes-Benz featuring forward collision avoidance systems, including automatic braking, than in models without them.

HLDI vice president Matt Moore told CNN: “So far, forward collision technology is reducing claims, particularly for damage to other vehicles, and adaptive headlights are having an even bigger impact than we had anticipated.”

Adaptive headlights, which shift direction as the driver steers, reduced property damage claims by as much as 10%. Blind-spot-detection and parking-assist systems have yet to show any clear effect on car crash rates yet, the study said.

Lane departure warnings, which alert drivers when they appear to be drifting on the road, actually appeared to increase insurance claim rates. The HLDI report said it is gathering data on other high-tech crash avoidance features like blind spot detection, park assist and backup cameras.

The report also cited a list of other high-tech car crashavoidance features coming to the market but didn’t provide statistics on their effectiveness. These included: cross traffic alerts, curve speed warning, fatigue warning and night vision assist, which uses infra-red imaging to look at the road ahead.

Once these other features have been around long enough and in enough vehicles, HLDI said it may be able to examine their effect on claims, too.

Of course, no piece of car crash technology is perfect and car accidents will still happen. When they do, you need an experienced accident lawyer.

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arash Study: Car Crash Technology Can Reduce Car Accident Damages

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arash Study: Car Crash Technology Can Reduce Car Accident Damages

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