What to Do if You Are in a Bicycle Accident

los angeles bicycle accident lawyer What to Do if You Are in a Bicycle AccidentYou’ve had abicycle accident. It might have been a right-turner, someone pulling out from a side road, alley or driveway, or maybe a door opening into your lane.

You might have one or more broken bones and probably some road burn. Your bike is a mess, you’re losing time from work and your body hurts.

Now what?

While some people may look down on bicyclists, California law provides a bicycle rider with the same rights and responsibilities as an automobile or other vehicle operator.

Bicycle riders fall within the California Vehicle Code and a bicycle accident is handled similar to an automobile accident. If you were injured due to the negligence of a motorist of other party, while riding a bicycle, you can file a lawsuit for bicycle accident compensation.

Now, if your bicycle accidentwas caused by a defective bike or part of a bike, then you can file a bicycle claim against negligent manufacturers or retailers of bicycles, bicycle parts, bicycle accessories.

If the bicycle accident was caused by a dangerous condition created by an unsafe roadway, you could file a bicycle accident claim against the city, county or state who maintains the roads.

Also, if your bicycle accident was caused by the negligent maintenance or upkeep of private property, you could file a bicycle accident claim against the owners or managers.

Loose dogs are a major hazard to cyclists. Dogs can knock a cyclist off his bicycle, causing serious injuries. if a dog caused your bicycle accident, you could have a case.

Cyclists are frequently subject to harassment by drivers. Harassment ranges from shouting to cursing, buzzing or throwing objects at the cyclist. If such behavior causes injury to the cyclist, or bicycle accident, that could be a case as well.

Fortunately, you can make a claim for your injuries and economic losses. Unfortunately, if you handle your claim yourself or without the aid of a personal injury law firm, that the insurance company will not pay you the full value of your claim.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a bicycle accident, you should consult an experienced lawyer to see if you have grounds for an injury claim. The time you have to file a lawsuit is limited, so it’s important that you do this without delay.

Feel free to contact our Los Angeles Law Firm via email at Info@ArashLaw.com or call us at 800-890-7375. One of our lawyers will be happy to assist you with your personal injury case. Note, the law only allows a certain amount of time for you to file an incident lawsuit.

arash What to Do if You Are in a Bicycle Accident

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arash What to Do if You Are in a Bicycle Accident

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