Man Has Fatal Bicycle Accident with Olympic Bus

los angeles bicycle accident attorney lawyer 300x222 Man Has Fatal Bicycle Accident with Olympic BusA  28-year-old bicycle rider, who has not been identified, died after a bicycle accident on the road outside the Main Press Centre in East London on Wednesday night.

Despite frantic efforts by paramedics, the cyclist was pronounced dead at the scene just over 30 minutes later, reports The Telegraph.

Witnesses reported horrific scenes after seeing the man lying underneath the double decker-bus outside the Olympic Park, as his mangled white and chrome racing bicycle lay nearby.

Witnesses said that both the bus, with the distinctive pink Games Vehicle banner, and the cyclist were turning left on the same corner.

A fellow unidentified cyclist, who claimed to be riding on his way home next to the dead rider and gave a graphic account of the bicycle accident on a riding blog: “As we approached a bus he went inside while I held back. The lights changed as he was in the buses blind spot and as he was attempting to go straight the bus turned left.”

“He didn’t really have anywhere to go and no time to do anything anyway… he got pulled under the wheel and dragged around 10 feet or so. As soon as the bus was definitely stopped i crawled under to him from the other side and i was immediately aware that i didn’t think he’d make it.”

“I crawled up to him and tried to talk to him. I asked him his name and told him he was going to be alright. He didn’t say anything because i don’t think he could, but he looked straight at me. I did my best to look him straight in the eyes and tell him he was going to be ok. He was so afraid. Maybe half a minute later i could tell he’d passed. I waited there for a moment and then crawled back out. It is so dangerous out there guys. But for a single choice that poor guy would have made it home tonight.”

This tragic bicycle accident occurred in the UK and we don’t know what the laws are over in England.  However, here in California, bicycle riders are protected by laws and have a right to compensation for damages to their bike, body and any other costs that are related to a bicycle accident. If a bike rider is killed, that would fall under the law as wrongful death.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a bicycle accident, you should consult an experienced lawyer to see if you have grounds for an injury claim. The time you have to file a lawsuit is limited, so it’s important that you do this without delay.

Feel free to contact our Los Angeles Law Firm via email at or call us at 800-890-7375. One of our lawyers will be happy to assist you with your personal injury case. Note, the law only allows a certain amount of time for you to file a vehicle incident lawsuit.

arash Man Has Fatal Bicycle Accident with Olympic Bus

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arash Man Has Fatal Bicycle Accident with Olympic Bus

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