Car Accident Leaves WCW Star Marcus “Buff” Bagwell in Critical Condition

los angeles car accident lawyer 261x300 Car Accident Leaves WCW Star Marcus “Buff” Bagwell in Critical ConditionSeveral news sites are reporting that former WCW wrestler Marcus “Buff” Bagwell was involved in a car accident in Cherokee County, North Carolina, which has left him severely injured.

A wrestling spokesman told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Bagwell’s vehicle overturned repeatedly on Towne Lake Parkway  on Monday night.

He was subsequently taken to the ICU unit of WellStar Kennestone Hospital, where he remains in critical condition.

Bagwell reportedly suffered a broken neck in two places, injuries to the nose, cheek bone and jaw. Bagwell has shown signs of improvement since Monday, but remains heavily medicated, on breathing and feeding tubes

This is not the first time that Bagwell has suffered a neck injury. In 1998 Bagwell suffered damage to several vertebrae and developed spinal shock syndrome following a botched diving bulldog at the hands of Rick Steiner.

Bagwell, from Cobb County, Georgia, is best known for being in WCW from 1991 until 2001, when he was five-time World Tag Team champion. His signature move was the ‘Buff Blockbuster,’ described on his website as a “top rope somersault neck breaker.”

In March 2001, WCW was bought up by its high-profile rival WWF, and Bagwell’s contract was transferred.

We don’t have all the details of this accident, but our hopes and prayers are with Bagwell, and his family, for a speedy recovery and rehabilitation.

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arash Car Accident Leaves WCW Star Marcus “Buff” Bagwell in Critical Condition

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arash Car Accident Leaves WCW Star Marcus “Buff” Bagwell in Critical Condition

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