Homeowners Liability: Protecting Yourself From a Lawsuit with Routine Repairs

homeowner liability slip and fall attorney Homeowners Liability: Protecting Yourself From a Lawsuit with Routine RepairsIf you are a homeowner, there are a lot of reasons to keep up with your home repairs. One of the main reasons, although one you may not think about too often, is the possibility of a premises liability lawsuit if someone is injured at your home. If a visitor to your house is injured because of your negligence in caring for your property, you can be held legally liable.

Homeowner liability for dangerous conditions is determined under a set of rules called premises liability laws. These laws impose a duty on homeowners to make reasonable efforts to keep their property safe. This duty includes warning of any hidden dangers, or taking steps to fix or eliminate those dangers.

Common Dangers

Common dangers in the home that can lead to a premises liability lawsuit include:

  • Broken or jagged sidewalks
  • Collapsing, rotting or defective staircases or staircases without a proper railing
  • Loose or falling debris from a home
  • Slippery conditions

If, for example, your sidewalk is broken and you don’t fix it, someone could twist their ankle on the jagged sidewalk. Since this is a danger that you have created in your home, if you didn’t take steps to fix it or warn your visitor, he could potentially file a lawsuit against you.

Injury at Home

If you were injured at someone else’s home, it is important you are aware of the fact that you do have a legal right to sue if the injury was caused by the homeowner’s negligence. You may recover damages including any medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering associated with the homeowner.

Most often, all of these damages will be paid by the homeowner’s insurance carried by the property owner… but still, property owners should take careful steps and conduct repairs to avoid injury. This is good advice not only to help you avoid a lawsuit, but also to make sure that your homeowners insurance premiums don’t go up and that your friends coming to your house stay safe.

Getting Help

If you have been injured by a slip and fall or other type of accident while visiting a home, consider contacting an experienced personal injury attorney. Your attorney can explain to you the rules for recovery for injury at home and can help you determine if you can prove your case of homeowner negligence and recover your damages.

arash Homeowners Liability: Protecting Yourself From a Lawsuit with Routine Repairs

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arash Homeowners Liability: Protecting Yourself From a Lawsuit with Routine Repairs

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