A Ten Vehicle Car and Motorcycle Accident Kills 3

car crash attorney los angeles A Ten Vehicle Car and Motorcycle Accident Kills 3Nine cars and one motorcycle were involved in a multi-vehicle accident at the intersection of Riverside and West Coast Highway in Newport Beach, California, said Ralph Restadius, deputy chief for the Newport Beach Fire Department. This car accident/motorcycle accident left two cars on their sides with people trapped inside.

According to Newport Beach police Lt. Bill Hartford, a Ford Taurus sedan and Toyota Tacoma truck were involved in the car accident first. That car accident triggered eight other collisions, which included a motorcycle, convertible, truck and Volkswagen bug and other vehicles.

According to City News Service, Julia Allen, 27, the driver of the Ford Taurus, was one of the dead. Killed in the Toyota Tacoma truck were Christopher De La Cruz, 49, of Laguna Niguel, and Linda Burnett, 69. Two people were taken to the hospital with possible broken bones and minor car accident injuries.

Motorcycle and Car Accident Stats Los Angeles

The CHP-Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) says that during 2008, California had a total of 452,595 traffic collisions, of which 3,113 were fatalities, 170,496 were injuries and 278,986 were property damage only. On average, a traffic collision was reported every one minute and 10 seconds, and one person was killed every two hours and 35 minutes as a result of a traffic collision. There were 563 motorcyclists involved in fatal collisions of which 378 were the driver at fault.

When to Call Motorcycle Accident Attorneys and Car Accident Attorneys Los Angeles

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arash A Ten Vehicle Car and Motorcycle Accident Kills 3

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arash A Ten Vehicle Car and Motorcycle Accident Kills 3

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