P. Diddy Involved in Los Angeles Car Accident

Rapper and music producer P. Diddy  was involved in a serious car accident on Wednesday outside the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles, California reports TMZ.com. The rapper, whose real name is Sean Combs, was being driven out of the Beverly Hills hotel when his car collided with a Lexus RX. The incident reportedly happened when the Lexus turned left in front of Diddy’s SUV and Diddy’s driver t-boned the Lexus.

P.Diddy’s SUV windscreen was smashed, the vehicles front caved in, air bags activated and car parts fell across the road. Police officers were called to the scene and said everyone involved complained of pain, including Diddy, his driver, and the other driver. Diddy and the second passenger were seen sprawled on the lawn in front of the hotel before being escorted in through the hotel  lobby.

It’s unclear how seriously anyone was injured, but law enforcement said that no one was transported to a hospital, despite an ambulance being called to the scene. P. Diddy refused to be taken away in an ambulance, instead he said he would  “seek his own medical attention.” The driver of the Lexus has not been identified yet.

Reportedly, Beverly Hills Hotel employees quickly ran to assist P. Diddy, his driver and a second passenger, as well as those in the Lexus. Hotel employees tried keeping cameras and photographers away from the scene, but the media was able to photograph P. Diddy’s damaged car (above).

While it’s not exactly known who is at fault, there is serious vehicle damage and apparent physical injury that could result in medical bills, time lost from work and other damages which would require involvement of an experienced Los Angeles Accident Lawyer.

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arash P. Diddy Involved in Los Angeles Car Accident

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arash P. Diddy Involved in Los Angeles Car Accident

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