Sen. Harry Reid in Good Condition After Car Accident

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) was hospitalized recently after his caravan was involved in asix-car crash in Nevada, but his condition is “good” and he does not have life threatening injuries.

Karen Gordon, of the University Medical Center in Las Vegas, told ABC News: “Senator Reid’s condition is good. He experienced rib and hip contusions and has been cleared for release by the doctors.”

Sen. Reid’s office said in a statement: “Some of Senator Reid’s detail and a staffer had minor injuries in the accident and were evaluated at UMC.”

The incident happened last Friday around 4pm while Sen. Reid’s caravan of four cars was driving on I-15 northbound hear Sahara, Nevada. Sen. Reid is a member of the Congressional leadership so he gets a security detail.

Reid, according to aides, was just taken to the hospital “as a precaution” and walked in on his own. He was wearing his seat belt at the time of the car accident, according to an aide.

Earlier Friday, Reid had delivered the keynote address at the dedication of the National Atomic Testing Museum. Reid’s wife was not with him during the car accident, she was at an event with first lady Michelle Obama in Nevada.

In March of 2011 Reid’s wife and daughter were hospitalized after their own vehicle incidentin Northern Virginia. His wife was hospitalized with a broken back and neck after a truck slammed into the back of the minivan they were riding in.

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arash Sen. Harry Reid in Good Condition After Car Accident

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arash Sen. Harry Reid in Good Condition After Car Accident

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