Lindsay Lohan in Hit-and-Run Car Accident

car accident attorneys in los angeles 300x221 Lindsay Lohan in Hit and Run Car AccidentA security videotape released, on Thursday, supports a New York City’s chef’s claim that he was Lindsay Lohan’s hit-and-run victim.

The troubled Hollywood actress’ mother said there is only so much she can do.

Grainy and blurry, the black-and-white video released by the NYPD shows a jet-black Porsche Cayenne zooming into the entrance ramp to a hotspot, clipping Jose Rodriguez and scattering a half-dozen club goers out front.

The car, which police say was driven by Lohan, continued down the ramp between two hotels which leads to the underground Electric Room nightclub.

Rodriguez told the NY Daily News he “fell to the side” and “was in so much pain.”

A police source said Lohan blinked her headlights at people blocking the ramp before proceeding forward, but that’s not clear on the video.

The car incident, occurring just after midnight Wednesday, prompted police to arrest Lohan. She was issued a desk summons for leaving the scene of an accident and released.

Rodriguez said he followed the car and confronted the occupants. He insisted that Lohan was “slurring” and “smelled of alcohol.” But by the time cops caught up to Lohan, two hours after the incident, they found no indication that she was intoxicated.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said officers did not give Lohan a Breathalyzer and they don’t think she was impaired.

Rodriguez said a male companion put Lohan in the back seat of the sports car, and they drove off “like it didn’t matter.”

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arash Lindsay Lohan in Hit and Run Car Accident

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arash Lindsay Lohan in Hit and Run Car Accident

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