Driver Blames Lunar Eclipse For Causing Pedestrian Accident

car accident attorney los angeles 300x203 Driver Blames Lunar Eclipse For Causing Pedestrian AccidentA driver who hit a mother and daughter crossing the street in San Francisco this past Sunday is blaming the car and pedestrian accident on glare from the “ring of fire” eclipse.

Police say the driver, a 26-year-old woman, struck the mom and her 10-year-old daughter around 7:10 p.m. on Sunday while the two were in a crosswalk. The girl suffered a broken right arm. The mother didn’t suffer any serious injuries.

According to police, the driver said glare from the eclipse had left her unable to see for a time. She was not ticketed or charged with a crime.

The eclipse that left a golden ring when the moon passed in front of the sun was visible across a narrow strip of eastern Asia and the Western U.S.

It’s hard to say if the eclipse actually caused this car accident, that seems like a stretch, but one thing is for certain, the mother and daughter would be well-served in contacting a California pedestrian accident lawyer.

Studies show that pedestrians make up almost 11% of all deaths caused by cars. More than 1 in 10 deaths caused by cars are pedestrians. A pedestrian has to be extra careful. Often times drivers are inattentive, such as putting on their make up, talking on cell phones, watching eclipses, etc.

Pedestrian accidents have a great potential to be dangerous and pedestrians end up with severe injuries including broken bones and fractures involving surgeries, etc.

As a pedestrian, your rights are the most protected under the motor vehicle laws. The famous phrase of “pedestrians always have the right of way” is the motto that we live by at our law firm when we are representing pedestrians.  We fight to maintain pedestrian safety.  We see many cases that involve a failure to yield and observe the pedestrians right-of-way while walking or crossing an intersection.

If you or someone you love has been involved in an auto-pedestrian accident, you should consult an experienced attorney to see if you have grounds for an injury claim.

Feel free to contact our law firm via email at or call us at 800-890-7375. One of our lawyers would be happy to assist you with your personal injury case. Note, the law only allows a certain amount of time for you to file an auto-pedestrian incident lawsuit.

arash Driver Blames Lunar Eclipse For Causing Pedestrian Accident

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arash Driver Blames Lunar Eclipse For Causing Pedestrian Accident

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