Lindsay Lohan Escapes Criminal Charges in Car-Pedestrian Accident

car accident lawyer los angeles 300x274 Lindsay Lohan Escapes Criminal Charges in Car Pedestrian AccidentLindsay Lohan won’t face criminal charges after being accused of hitting a man with her car outside a nightclub, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The incident was one of a string of legal troubles the actress has encountered behind the wheel and elsewhere this year.

Lohan had been due to make her first court appearance on Tuesday, but the Manhattan district attorney’s office said on Monday there is now no court date scheduled.

Prosecutors wouldn’t elaborate on their decision not to move forward on the allegations about the Sept. 21 car-pedestrian accident, which was captured on surveillance video.

Lohan’s spokesman Steve Honig said on Monday: “As we said from the beginning, this is a big nothing.”

Lohan was arrested on a charge of leaving a vehicle accident scene after restaurant worker Jose Rodriguez said her Porsche hit him and hurt his knee as she turned from a Manhattan street into an alley by the Dream Hotel. Police said no alcohol was involved. Rodriguez was walking by after leaving his job at another hotel nearby.

Lohan was released with a court appearance ticket, while Rodriguez called emergency services and was taken to a hospital.

Police released grainy surveillance footage that shows Lohan’s car turning as Rodriguez passed in front of it. Blurring to conceal witnesses’ faces partially obscures the scene, so it’s not clear exactly what happens as he is in front of the car. The video does show him staying on his feet and walking after the car while it continues into the alley.

Lohan is currently on informal probation for taking a necklace last year without permission from a jewelry store in Venice, California.  She spent 35 days on house arrest in that case. The Los Angeles city attorney’s office said Monday the Manhattan incident wouldn’t affect Lohan’s probation.

Even though Lohan won’t face criminal charges, she could still face a lawsuit from Jose Rodriguez, who was taken to the hospital after the incident. Rodriguez would be well-served to contact an experienced attorney to help him get compensation for any injuries and medical bills he sustained.

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arash Lindsay Lohan Escapes Criminal Charges in Car Pedestrian Accident

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arash Lindsay Lohan Escapes Criminal Charges in Car Pedestrian Accident

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