New York City to Charge for Automobile Accidents

accident tax injury lawyer New York City to Charge for Automobile AccidentsStaring July 1, 2011, New York City will start charging citizens involved in auto accidents. The city, like many municipalities, is facing a budget crisis which has prompted Mayor Michael Bloomberg to institute this policy on car accidents that require emergency-response, such as the fire department.

Charging citizens for an auto accident is controversial and has already been banned in several states, but the NYFD (New York City Fire Department) says that it “can no longer afford to provide” emergency services to motorists “at no cost to those who require them.” This policy does not need city council approval and has the support of the NYFD.

Automobile Accidents, More Expensive Than Ever

How much will this new a “crash tax” or “accident tax” cost? A car accident or fire, with injuries, will cost New Yorkers $490. A car accident or fire without injuries will be $415. Vehicle wrecks without fire or injuries will be a fee of $365. Does it matter who is at fault in the auto accident? Nope. A driver will be billed whether they are at fault or not. The FDNY says that it will bill the “motorist to whom motorist services are provided.” This new policy will also apply to motorcycle accidents as well.

This policy is not confined to New York. In the state of California, 55 cities have similar laws and 20 more are considering charging for car accidents. The Association of California Insurance Companies says that many insurance companies will not cover these new charges, which means car wreck victims will be responsible for the paying.

Automobile Accident Lawyers to the Rescue

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arash New York City to Charge for Automobile Accidents

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arash New York City to Charge for Automobile Accidents

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