Driving in the Mountains

Before American explorers reached the Western Coast, the mountainous areas of the country were only inhabited by the local tribes that had called these areas their home for centuries. As America expanded onto the West, these mountain areas became urbanized and cities like Denver were ultimately developed. Today, people continue to flock to the great… Read More>>

Eye Injuries in Car Accidents

Our eyes provide the visual framework that allows our brains to decipher the location of objects both nearby, and far away. While driving on the road, individuals depend on their complex system of nerve connections in their eyes to help focus in on oncoming objects and to help navigate the road. In a car accident,… Read More>>

What is “Loss of Use”

“Loss of Use” may refer to various different types of insurance. Loss of use, as it relates to car insurance, refers to the coverage an individual receives from their insurance company so as to mitigate the “loss of use” of their vehicle after a car accident. This means that if an individual has an insurance… Read More>>

Head Trauma as it Relates to Car Injuries

The head is one of the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of the body, its ability to function properly critical to our well being. That being said, the importance of a healthy brain is often overlooked and forgotten about, its health tossed aside as individuals focus on other aspects of their well being. The brain… Read More>>